Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's Like Crack

Have you seen these? Snyder's of Hanover Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Pretzel Pieces. OK, obviously I have never actually done Crack, but I hear it's addicitive. These things are like crack. No, seriously.

I'm not a pretzel person at all, Hubby is though. So he'd been occasionally buying Snyder's of Hanover stuff forever. So when he bought this and said they were really good, I was like "that's nice dear". And I tried one. Oh.My.God. Suffice it to say theese things and hard cider were the major part of *my* hurricane supply when we had a scare a couple of months ago.

So we told everyone about them and people started buying them and liking them and everyone was happy. Until they started disappearing.

At first they weren't available at our super market, but the little label thingy was still on the shelf. OK, they ran out. Then they weren't at another market we stopped in. Hmmm. Then David found a couple of bags. Phew! But then, he didn't. So it soon became a quest.

We went on vacation to Orlando and in *every* gasoline stop and in the markets near us in Kissimmee we looked - NADA.

WTH? Now not only are they not there - not even the label thingies are there. Results are mixed for friends from other parts of the country - some stores are fully stocked as usual and others don't have them anymore.

We found ONE bag last week, and we were hesitant to eat it. We've been rationing it like water in the desert.

I smell a conspiracy <adjusting my tin foil hat>. I blame the Republicans :)

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