Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Donna Tartt

Tonight I went to my first book fair related event for 2013! By "book fair" I mean the Miami Book Fair International,the most wonderful time of my year! I'll be writing more as the actual fair draws nearer.

Tonight as a "pre-fair" event Donna Tartt read from and discussed her latest book "The Goldfinch". It was a lovely evening. I feel so comfortable in book fair events, this year the fair celebrates its 30th anniversary and I've only missed maybe 3 or 4 of them. There were familiar faces, a certain way of doing things which has been perfected through the years, it was like visiting a favorite relative's home.

Although I've been a fan of Tartt's since her first book "The Secret History" published in 1992, I had never seen her in person. She's much warmer than she appears in pictures, petite and pretty, looking much younger than her 50 years.

This book, clocking in at 750+ pages is a bit of a commitment, but tonight's reading definitely made me want to read it. It deals with art, a coming of age story, takes place in Manhattan - all major pluses for me. I hope to read it soon.

That's the danger with going to book readings - it makes me want to read ALL the books!

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