Sunday, November 24, 2013

Miami Book Fair International - Sunday

Well another Miami Book Fair International is over - and it was a great one this year, befitting its 30th Anniversary.

Today was a beautiful day for the fair, this was what it looked like from my Metro-mover ride this morning.

The first presentation I saw was Junot Diaz, he was as always a fantastic speaker.

Immediately following Diaz was the phenomenal Nikki Giovanni. She was so funny yet compelling - I'm so glad I got to see her.

And after Giovanni - another woman who is a legend in her own time, Amy Tan. She didn't even read from her latest book, she just told stories about her mother and grandmother in the way only Tan can.

After these three successes I figured I'd grab some "fair food" for lunch. I had one of those only in Miami meals - corn dogs and avocado salad bought at a Colombian Food kiosk. It was yummy!

Every year I accidentally come across a presentation I didn't know about that winds up being interesting. So today I planned to eat at one of the tables at the food court and then go home. There were no tables available, and I remembered the Spanish pavilion had lots of comfortable seating so I went there. It turns out that a few minutes after I arrived they had a scheduled presentation on African influences on Spanish (from Spain) music. It was awesome!

May MBFI continue thriving for another 30 years - and I plan to keep going to all of them!

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