Friday, November 15, 2013

The ZOMG! It's Almost Thanksgiving! Pandora Pandemonium

Are you ready? I am I guess, we're driving up to PA to spend Thanksgiving with the in-laws. I'm in charge of wine - which totally works for me!

So, let's see what Pandemonium Pandora gets into today.

Mo Ghile Mear by Sting and The Chieftains - I really like Irish music and The Chieftains, when you add Sting to the mix!

Give Your Heart a Break by Demi Lovato - I liked this song but wasn't really sure who Demi Lovato was until she started on Glee. It's a cute song, she's a cute girl. A happy Friday tune.

Yo Solo Quiero by Roberto Carlos - I love this Brazilian singer! I went to see him in concert a million years ago with my mother - he was so handsome! I had sort of forgotten about him, but a few weeks ago on of those Internet rumors started that he had died! I saw it on Facebook and got so sad...but it was a hoax. It did, however, lead me to set up a Roberto Carlos station on Pandora!

Not Again by Staind - OK, I don't remember why I created a Staind channel. I remember I heard a song by them that I  liked, but I don't remember the song and I really don't like this one. I think I'll be deleting the station. Sorry Staind! Maybe if you buy a vowel...

Drift Away by Uncle Kracker - I liked this song the first time around in the 70s by Dobie Gray, and I like it even more now by Uncle Kracker. I like everything I've heard by Uncle Kracker - it's so relaxed and cool. This song makes me smile.

La Via Strangiato (Live in Rio) by Rush - Rush is my husband's favorite band in the whole world, so I created a Rush station to be familiar with them and stuff.  I don't love them but they're OK. But, this recording is 1) Live in concert - I'm not a fan of live recordings at all, 2) It's an instrumental, which is OK, I mean these guys are really good - even I can tell, but 3) this recording is 10 minutes long! That's too much instrumental Rush for me.

Ooops - that's six songs instead of five. Well, you got a ten minute instrumental Rush bonus! YAY you!

Have a great weekend!

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