Saturday, November 17, 2012

Miami Book Fair!

It's the most wonderful tiiiiime...of the yeeearrrr....No! Not Christmas - the Miami Book Fair! Today was the first day of the street fair and I was there! And I'll be there tomorrow.

The weather was gorgeous, it wasn't unreasonably crowded and there were some intereting author presentations.

Among the presentations I saw were Dave Barry and two guys from The Onion. It was a great start to the festivities - they were hilarious. They were followed by Naomi Wolf, who talked about her latest  book Vagina: A New Biography - lots of interesting information about new studies that show there's a very important connection between women's brains and sexual satisfaction. Very cool. 

I also *word-geeked* out completely and went to see a presenttion on a book called Is That a Word? From AA to ZZZ, The Weird and Wonderful Language of Scrabble! It was great!

And the food was great - I had Thai for lunch, with French macaroons for dessert. Yummy!

Let's see what Sunday's Fair holds... 


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