Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dim Sum

Do you like Dim Sum? I'm a little obsessed with it these days. I'm a relative newb to these "Chinese tapas", but I love them!

So David and I went for dim sum yesterday and everything we had was delicious. The place we went to was very simple and with great prices, but the quality and service were excellent. You get an illustrated menu with prices and an ordering slip like at some sushi places. You can take your time, peruse the menu, and order however much you like. Usually each order contains three pieces.

There's another place a few blocks away that is the most famous dim sum restaurant in the area, but the couple of times I've gone for dim sum, I was completely underwhelmed. I can't really comment on the quality because I didn't get a good sampling. As opposed to the place I went to yesterday, this supposedly "best" place didn't offer a menu or price list. Instead a group of  four or five Chinese ladies descend upon the table at once, seemingly shouting at you while holding pots of stuff. They thoroughly intimidated me, so I just took whatever they were offering just so they'd go away. I wound up with five almost identical dumplings resembling those I get from my Chinese delivery place - basically, pot stickers. They were fine, but, not a lot of variety.

So I'll leave the "best" dim sum place to those braver than me - I'll stick to my unassuming little place with great prices, great food and great service.


  1. YUM! But ah I am hoping that is a stock photo and not your order because ah that looks like half the menu. :) Did you get the yummy eggplant thing again. Those were divine!

  2. Yes that's a stock photo and yes I did get the eggplant thing. We got a couple of new ones and did not get the chicken foot! This time everything was good. David liked it!