Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall TV Season

Remember when Fall meant a bunch of new shows or the return of old favorites that had been on reruns throughout the summer? I used to love the "New Fall Season" issue of the TV Guide. Like this one from the 1972-1973 season:

They were longer than the regular TV Guide because they had a page introducing every new show as well as recaps and scoops on the returning shows. They also predicted which of the new show were going to do well. I was such a TV geek that I would save the fall issue until the end of the season and compare their predictions to how the favored shows did.

It's all different now. Shows debut and return throughout the year. There's a semblance of a fall season but, not really. Now there are at least three "new and returning show seasons" - Septemberish, Januaryish and Summerish. Not nearly as exciting. 

Yes we have many more channels, both cable and premium, and there are some fantastic shows - but I miss the three network season premieres. I miss the anticipation. 

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